VAMPIRE DIARIES 5.19 "Man on Fire" Review: I'm Gonna Grab Barbie's Neck and Squeeze Until Her Expandable Hair Falls Out

What a brutal, beautiful episode from start to finish. Excellent performances and direction and an even better script made this a real highlight in an otherwise lackluster last half of the CW staple’s fifth season.

ARROW 2.20 "Seeing Red" Review: When It Comes to Your Children, No Decision is Impossible

I had to sit with this monstrous episode for ten minutes before I could start writing. That’s how difficult it was for me to process the events that just went down. Here I expected “Seeing Red” to be a Roy-centric outing but what we got was another well-balanced episode that blew up at least one relationship and drove a sword through a character’s heart. And, dear lord, was I not ready for any of it.

THE ORIGINALS 1.19 "An Unblinking Death" Recap: The Bell Jar

Tonight’s episode followed two riveting plots and the fallout of each: Father Kieran’s deterioration under the witches’ curse and a lethal attack on the werewolves’ camp in the Bayou. As a result, we were rewarded to Klaus making one giant, authentic leap forward in his character development, Marcel proving that he is not above devious scheming, and Hayley being undermined by an untrustworthy growler. Oh, and two deaths.

ARROW: The Thea Thing
The inclusion of Thea Queen was the one thing that worried me most about “Arrow.” The troubled teen sister reeked of the CW’s typical interference in the creative direction of a show. It’s a misguided attempt to inject youth into an otherwise adult cast, fearing that their key demographic – teen girls – won’t tune in if there are no teen girls in the cast to watch.

Fortunately, it worked out for “Arrow.” Thea Queen has never been the typical, rebellious girl-on-the-brink-of-womanhood, an archetype repeated far too often on CW shows (ahem, Jenny Humphrey). Instead, she’s proven herself to be a key part of Oliver Queen’s support system and an interesting character in her own right.

Yet one of my biggest grievances with the second season of the CW’s superhero hit is the seeming demotion of Thea from Oliver’s sister to Roy’s girlfriend, stripping her of the potential for a storyline separate from her love life. The recent revelation that she is really the daughter of the villainous Malcolm Merlyn is certainly a step in the right direction but I can’t help but feel that there is more that can be done to develop Thea Queen.
THE ORIGINALS: When You Play the Game of Thrones, You Win or You Die

I recently tweeted that Hayley is the Daenerys Targaryen of “The Originals.” There are sufficient parallels to be made between the two, in my opinion, however, after the beautiful, wonderful Carina MacKenzie retweeted my comment, the comparison came under rather intense scrutiny. I subsequently followed it by connecting characters from “The Originals” to their “Game of Thrones” counterparts - but I know as well as anyone else that Twitter isn’t the best medium for such an extensive task so I figured I’d lay it all out here.

So if Hayley is Dany, where do the other characters stand? In King’s Landing? North of the Wall? On the battlefield, perhaps?

Make Believe Casting Director: 10 Recently Unemployed Actors and Where I'd Like to See Them Next
As a rule, one cannot become too accustomed to having specific actors in their lives all the time always. It’s unfortunate but it’s true. Contracts expire, creative direction demands death, and sometimes unexpected decisions get made at the last minute that result in the departure of a beloved character. It’s heartbreaking to watch TV. But, fortunately, TV is also slightly incestuous, recasting our favorites time and time again as if there are no other actors in the universe.

Here are my top ten actors that need to return to my television and the shows I’d most like to see them show up on in the near future.

*Fair Warning: There be spoilers ahead for “Sons of Anarchy,” “Game of Thrones,” “Teen Wolf,” “The Good Wife,” and “Hannibal.” Continue at your own risk.
On the Slope of a Pectoral: A Rumination on the Sideboob of Colton Haynes

Colton Haynes is a man of many chiseled faces but only one pair of spectacular pecs that put most award show attendees to shame. With this incredibly insightful, deeply meaningful post I will explore the many sides of Colton Haynes’ boobs and the angles at which they can best be viewed.

REVENGE: 5 Ways to Save the Show
As many of my Twitter followers know, I have been a massive supporter of “Revenge” from day one. I even enjoyed the Initiative storyline, knowing that at some point we’d have to get to the root of the David Clarke conspiracy, the terrorist cell behind it, so why not sooner rather than later? Season three then took off right out of the gate with a fantastic first half and returned at midseason with an equally impressive slew of episodes. However, ever since Emily’s mysterious blackouts were so conveniently and unsatisfyingly resolved and Margaux’s father, Pascal, arrived in the Hamptons, the show has come to a screeching halt. My patience is fading and if that’s happening then surely everyone else with a much lower tolerance for “Revenge” is losing interest, too.
With only three episodes left in the third season, here are my top five fixes that “Revenge” should consider before breaking ground on the fourth.
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